Thrilled to see a few new activities!

I was thrilled to see a few new activities under the “paid gigs” etc. I happen to have came down so suddenly with “weeping Eczema” (a severe form of atopic dermatitis)… which is just one more “brick in my wall” of horrors in health. I had ONE TINY spot that leaked at least 2 GALLONS of fluid from it! After all other places nearly healed it was literally filling my show full within an hour. The “fluid” rom these is almost like an “acid”…it messed up all of my toenails & if I don’t forget and touch any of them when they are weeping, they literally “ate” my fingernails also… It is insane!


Rhia - I’ll be thinking of you as you cope with this new diagnosis. It sounds like you are really going through it right now.

I’m glad to hear that you are excited about the new opportunities! I hope there will be even more that catch your eye!

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I’m so sorry to hear that. Hope you are able to get it cleared up some. Take care.

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Thank you Graceann… I so am appreciative as you continue to keep me in your h=thoughts and y=YES! we will be seeing more new activities, think they had to get all of the “co-branding” etc done and now that it is finished… they can work on new activities!!

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Thank you Tonya! It has been insane to say the least! praying things will get better very soon so I can g on with my life!..

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Me too. Sending hugs and prayers for relief.

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I get weeping eczema sometimes and it is sooooooo itchy!

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Good to hear fro you Ashley! I hate that you have to deal with this horrid disease. It is a nightmare. Hope you are not having nearly as much distress as I did. Mine came on so suddenly, I had never had anything like it before, and just has taken 2 months or more to finally get the majority of the places well and healed. I will have scars on my legs from a couple of the they were so bad. Again great to “see” you stay well and let’s talk more. This could be a great “subject” for a Patient Activity! Rhia

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A shame the activities are basically gone now, there were some good ones up until today (November 16, 2022) on racial justice, podcasting & virtual support groups. Gone now.

I feel for the people who joined here from the not WEGO Health site (whatever it’s name is/was), this forum is pretty dead now.

Hey @SEO they’re not gone at all- they’re still on the platform. Thanks to you we actually realized that they did keep displaying after you completed them. To prevent users from just completing activities specifically to gain points, we did change it so that you can only complete activities for points only once. If you want to review resources after the fact you can find them on the Resources page.

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Doesn’t help the people who never saw them or tried them but okay.

Also shows the dearth of discussion or interest in this place. But for Rhia updating us periodically on her health status, it’s only off-topic spammers joining this site now (LOL at ‘Ryan Reynolds’ ).

I try to participate as much as possible …

I know you do but 2 people & a bunch of spammers isn’t much of a forum.

Hope you are doing reasonably well.

Me too! Sending love and light your way for relief.